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Bring Your Dog's Food for Dog Boarding

Marietta Doggy Daycare would like you to know more.

Marietta Doggy Daycare welcomes dogs and cats to our pet friendly facility.  We offer doggie daycare, dog boarding and dog bathing during our doggy daycare to help establish good habits from the start.  Our aim is to help your pet become a good family member.

If your pet does not board well, Marietta Doggy Daycare is the place for you.  We offered pampered pet boarding.  We understand some pets do not do well outside its home, and that’s ok, we’re here for those situations.  We can be their loving caretaker when you are away.  We are professional pet sitters that try to accommodate every dog’s special needs.  We offer a warm and loving care, so we can be your pet’s permanent home away from home.  Dogs get to know us and love us.  Our facility prides ourselves on thousands of excited, repeat customers where both the owners and dogs are excited to come.

During holidays and school vacations, Marietta Doggy Daycare is closed for playtime and dog co-mingling. The facility is only available for boarding.  Dogs will only be with boarded with animals from the same family unless we receive a request for the dog family members to be separated.  We will reopen for daycare playtime after the holidays and school vacations.

“Leaving my dog at Marietta Doggy Daycare is the best thing I ever did for my dog.  My dog is happy and it’s worth every dime.  Besides, after purchasing a doggie daycare package, dropping off was easy.  I call ahead, and they come out to my car.  It’s like a drive through.  This place is awesome and best of all, highly accommodating.” Bob Pressley, rescue pet owner of three dogs.

“A huge thanks for helping me with my new puppy.  My house is very peaceful in the evenings and my dog and myself are both much happier.  On days when I take my dog (to the daycare), I only need to be a block away before she starts to get excited.  She doesn’t even look back to say goodbye.  She loves their unleashed facility and so do I,” says Shirley Jones.

Pet bathing, teeth brushing, toenail clipping, de-shedding can all be done at Marietta Doggy Daycare.  

When it comes to care, your pet’s safety is our first priority. Owner, Ashley Peckich is directly tied with Marietta veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM at Marietta Vet Clinic & Animal Hospital our safety net.  Dr. Peckich is a full service veterinarian dedicated to helping us ensure the utmost safety of your pet.